Products & Produce

While we will randomly have different items available throughout the different seasons and when we see some new seeds that look like they would be fun to grow, we do have some standard items that we consistently have available.

Low Sugar Jams: 

jam image

Strawberry, Cherry, Blueberry, Straw-Banero (Strawberries and Habaneros), Cherry-Pino Cherries & Jalapenos) and Blue Flame (Blueberries and Jalapenos) are typically available throughout the market season.

Mid Summer Jams:

Wild Blackberry from our Farm, Wild-berry (Blend of our Wild Mulberries and Wild Blackberries), Canteloupe-Vanilla, Yellow Watermelon Jelly & Apple Butter

Tomato Jam- More of a savory-sweet condiment more than a sugary sweet jam but its still amazing on a piece of toast!

Late Summer/Fall Jams:

Pear Butter & Pear-Vanilla Jelly

*Our Jams our made using a variety of ORGANICALLY Sourced, WILD and our NATURALLY HOMEGROWN fruits. We use organic raw sugar, organic lemon juice, natural citrus pectin and naturally homegrown hot peppers in our spicy jams. Sugar content ranges from 5-8 grams per serving (serving is approx 1 TBSP).




Traditional Basil Pesto & Arugula Pesto

*Our Pesto’s are made with our NATURALLY HOMEGROWN Sweet Basil & Arrugula, ORGANICALLY Sourced Fresh Garlic, Olive Oil, Walnuts, Parmesan Cheese, Fresh Cracked Black Pepper and Pink Sea Salt.


Spice Blends:

spice image

Italian, Spicy Italian, Herbs de Provence, Lemon Pepper, Totally Taco, Carnivore Dry Rub, & Mediterranean

*Our Spice blends are made with ORGANICALLY Sourced herbs and spices and NATURALLY HOMEGROWN and dried Herbs.


Heirloom Tomatoes:


We grow a large variety of Heirlooms and a few hybrid tomatoes of every color. The different flavors in these tomatoes are amazing and hard to choose just one favorite!


Yellow “Moon & Stars” Watermelons

Moon & Stars Yellow Watermelon

We started growing these in 2008 and at the time Bree was NOT a fan of watermelon but these super sweet yellow watermelons changed her forever. Full of Flavor and a bit different than a red watermelon these beauties with their large yellow “Moon” and lots of little “stars” can get up to 40 lbs in size. Not a seedless melon since it is a Heirloom, in fact this variety was thought to be extinct until someone in Macon Missouri came across some of these seeds and brought them back to life.