Our Garden Goodies

We love heirlooms and that is our focus and we grow them all from seed. Our tomatoes are all colors of the rainbow and we hear them called “ugly” or someone once said “whats wrong with your tomatoes?”

Heirlooms have more delicate skins so they tend to crack and they don’t sit on the counter as long as store bought, and they are lots of funny shapes and colors naturally. They are loaded with flavor and nutrients unlike the cardboard tomatoes you can find on store shelves. Heirlooms are also called “open pollinated” meaning the are pollinated by nature like wind and bees. They are also older varieties that are passed down through generations and typically are 50 years or more old varieties.

Sure, Hybrids have their place since getting heirlooms to the grocery stores are much more difficult as they don’t travel very well and are more susceptible to diseases but we do grow a few hybrids as backup but the heirlooms are the best.