Getting that Spring ITCH

Its like an itch you just cant scratch! Spring is so close we can taste it but we just cant plant in the field quite yet. Luckily we have this awesome new Greenhouse that we have been getting messy in and have already started a trial and error series of seedlings like herbs, spinach, lettuce, garlic, edible flowers and some 2017 potatoes that sprouted in the pantry so we put them in some big pots and whala!

We have been playing with the table set up trying to find a good “flow” for it, set up a basic planting station and will be working on a washing station in the next few weeks once its warm enough to use a hose. It was just late enough in the year when we built it that we missed the boat on getting the water line trenched so we have a hose run out there but we can only use when its not freezing out. Otherwise we filled a 30 gallon water tank so we can at least fill a watering can till spring. Not ideal but its working for now.

Also learning how much propane it takes to run the heater and WOW, going to need some more soon. It really only runs at night but as soon as the sun comes up it warms up fast. On a sunny 50 degree day it can get up to 105 degrees and if its cloudy it still reaches 80 degrees. Even on a cold 10-20 degree day it will keep at about 60 degrees if the sun is out even a little bit saving us on propane.

We do have some more delicate warm crop seedlings like tomatoes, peppers, basil and a few other items going in the basement and in about 2-3 more weeks they will finally get planted in the greenhouse for some early crops. Yesterday we re-potted those tomato plugs and we seeded the first round of field tomatoes that will go outside under row covers as soon as we are able in Spring.

More updates to come!

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